Lease your USTECH laminator with USTECH Financial Services.


Ustech, teamed up with Strada Capital corporation, provides you many exciting new program allowing you to lease your Ustech Master laminators at a very competitive rate.


And best of all, it's fast, and saving your time and money. Most of the application will be approved within an hour.


Submit your online application form:

By click the link below, you will be able submit your online application form through Strada capital security website ( This link is special designed for vendors like us, and your applicatoin will be processed within an hour.


Please click here if you're ready to submit your leasing application form.


You can also submit your application from their website at link from right, but these general application will be processed slower than from our security portal link at above.


In most case, your application will be approved within an hour. If not, please call our customer service at 407-440-4355 or Email to and we'll check status for you.



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