We understand it is very hard to make a simple buyer guide to answer all your questions and concerns, so If you couldn't find answer from this "Buyer Guide", please give us a ring at 407-812-6618, and we'll be glad to answer your concerns over the phone directly.


Buyer Guide:

We have large selections of laminators in stock. We are sure we have at least one model to fit your needs.
In order to choose the right one for you business, here are few important things you need to figure out clearly before you buy.

  1. Understand what you want in this laminator.
    Here are some of the popular things you might want to do with this laminator that you're going to purchase.
    A. I want to do vehicle wrap.
    B. I want to do mounting prints on substrate.
    C. I want to apply premask on vinyl
    D. I want to apply color vinyl on substrate.
    E. I want to overlaminating my prints
    F. I want to overlaminating my prints before processing print & cut.
    and so on.

    The factor is, not all the laminators on the market can do the all things in one unit, many of our competitors laminators are only good for overlaminating but mounting.

  2. Understand your budget limited.
    We all want to get more and payless. When it comes with add a valuable equipment to your business, this is still true. Once we have mind set budget in place, then we can go to real world to find out if we can something that match our desired price tag. With our laminator, you can always make your money worth. Why you need spend 3 or 4 times money to get other brand, while you can get ours with much less prices?

  3. Size (width) matter.
    Yes, you need choose the right size laminator to better fit our business today or even future.
    So what is the right size laminator for you? Normally the right size laminator will at least match your current printer size (width)

    When you read the manufacturer's specifications, the efficient working width is the one that you should pay attention to.

    If you have a 54" printer:
    Then you choose a efficient working width at least 55" or even 63"/64" laminator if prices are not significant different. General speaking, 55" and 65" normally have about $200 or less difference. From our sales experience, most of our customer will choose bigger one instead of 55".

    If you have a 64" printer:

    There are two situations:
    A. If you always use 61" print media even your printer is capable to run 64" full length media. Then you can choose at least efficent working width at 63"; if prices is not a issue for you, then choose 64" laminators.

    B. If you run 64" print media on your machine, then you are going to have to get our efficent woring width 64" laminators.

    As a matter of fact, we're the only few manufacture who makes this full 64" working media width laminators in USA. Most of the manufacturer claimed that they can take 64" media, but after you take the clamps and such, that cut the efficient width and you probably can fit 62" media only. Many of our customer learn this in a hard way after they got our competitor's machine.

  4. Inventory
    We have all our laminators instock in Orlando FL.

  5. Shipping/Handling/Lead time
    Normally we'll ship out your order next day afer full payment clear.

  6. Warranty/Service/Support
    We have in place service center setup in Orlando, FL. All the parts are instock locally in USA.
    We can overnight shipping any parts within USA whenever such service is required.
    We also provide you the best service and support in the industry as well.

    Still not quite clear what you need?
    Please give us a ring at 407-812-6618 and we'll be glad to answer your question over the phone.

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